Renewable Energy Services

Services for renewable energy projects.

We offer independent services to develop, implement and manage renewable energy projects. As a developer and investor, we execute these activities on a daily basis for our own projects. We provide these services also to third parties such as investment funds, banks, developers or any other interested organisation.

Renewable Energy Services

Carbon Offsetting.

We develop CO2 offset programmes for the compliance market (cooperative approaches according to Art. 6 of the Paris Agreement) and the voluntary carbon market (VCMW) together with our specialised partners. We define and develop offset strategies, secure sources and projects, support the carbon development process as well as the MRV (measuring, reporting and verification) activities of the programmes.

Our activities are complementary to those of a carbon offset developer. With our core competencies of project development and investment advisory, we can help projects reach financial closure, which is a prerequisite for any transfer of carbon credits.

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Renewable Energy Services

Financial Modelling.

We use the cloud-based financial modelling software “Greenmatch” to develop and valuate renewable energy projects. The software recently passed the ISAE (International Standard on Assurance Engagements) 3402 SOC Type I and is audited by Ernst&Young (EY). Greenmatch also complies with Swiss privacy and security standards, which are also used by banks to ensure that data is stored correctly.

Therefore, you only need to focus on the in- and out-puts of the projects and can avoid hours of checking formulas and calculations. Any client or business partner can easily have access to the web-based project valuations in Greenmatch. This saves a lot of time for you as a developer or potential investors.

Renewable Energy Services

Due Diligence.

We execute technical, financial, commercial and legal due diligence for developers and investors in Latin America. We have offices in Colombia and Peru, and can cover Argentina, Chile and Ecuador through our partner companies. Therefore, we understand the local culture and context, and we are able to execute on-site visits.

As we are developers and investors ourselves, we understand the importance of well-structured Due Diligences. We are able to adapt to your framework and tropicalise this to local standards or create a personalised framework to achieve your objectives.

Renewable Energy Services

Project Development.

We develop renewable energy projects until ‘Ready To Build’, sub-contract local parties and manage the process until COD is reached. Our local team consists of commercial, financial, technical, tax and legal experts. Therefore, Ongresso Energy is a one-stop shop for project development and management of renewable energy projects in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina and Chile.

Since 2010, our sister company Ongresso provides complementary services related to the set-up and/or administration of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV’s). Over the years we have developed Best Practices to set up and operate businesses in a lean, compliant and tax-optimised way.

Renewable Energy Services

Pipeline Development.

Ongresso Energy assists investors and developers with portfolio development along the renewable energy value chain. We jointly develop a strategy to define our scope, enabling us to source and secure the right project.

Our local presence in Latin America and Europe allows us to apply our practical approach during the various processes, as a thorough analysis is necessary to separate the "wheat from the chaff". We understand the local context and are therefore able to develop projects accordingly.

Renewable Energy Services

Technical & Commercial Management (TCM).

In the countries of local presence (Colombia, Peru, Chile and Argentina) we are able to manage, maintain and optimise projects and portfolios during operation. It is key to have strong local partners in order to make sure that targets are met and the assets generate revenues in a sustainable way.

Our multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary team understands the local context and the interests of investors to create the best possible results. Also, our network of financial, legal and operational associates allows us to optimise the projects.

Renewable Energy Services

Capital Raising.

Our network of private European and LATAM investors, and local banks, allow us to raise capital on a project, vehicle or company level. We assist developers and project owners to reach financial closing by acquiring a buyer for the projects and/or organising local debt.

Internationally, we work with private investment funds, Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) and commercial banks for equity and/or debt solutions. Locally, we mainly work together with local banks for debt solutions, as most countries are very supportive of providing financial resources for renewable energy projects and have sufficient liquidity to cover the debt portion of a project.

Renewable Energy Services

Market Intelligence.

Obtaining relevant and concise market information is key to the decision-making process. We have a local team and reliable sources in order to provide you with the necessary information to obtain a clear and well contextualised understanding of the specific market.

Together with our sister company Ongresso, and companies from our shareholders, we have more than 10 years of experience and data from Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Ecuador.

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