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Ongresso Energy (OE) is a company with a great purpose. Our mission is to "decarbonise the energy value chain", this builds the guideline of our daily work. It all starts with an individual attitude that turns into joint actions.

Story of Ongresso Energy.

Our team is committed to the overall goal of reducing the carbon footprint. Our concrete actions include the implementation of new renewable energy sources and/or energy efficiency, we help to make sustainable projects feasible by transferring mitigation results (carbon credits). This motivates us to go the extra mile.


Ulrich Hinterberger and Daniel Breitenmoser founded Ongresso, a one-stop-shop for market expansion into Latin America. Ongresso’s value proposition is to reduce time, costs and risks to establish and operate investments and businesses in Latin America. As a company with a Swiss Head office, Ongresso meanwhile counts with subsidiaries in Colombia, Peru and Mexico.


Ongresso Energy is created as a brand within the Ongresso organization. OE and Nvest join forces to execute a mandate from Norsk Solar for development of solar C&I projects in Colombia. Both companies also obtained various other mandates for the sourcing of investment for social and environmental impact projects.


Ongresso Energy obtains a mandate from the Swiss Federal Office of the Environment (FOEN) and the Peruvian Ministry for the Environment (MINAM) to develop and implement with the Additional Renewable Energy Platform Peru (AREP Peru) one of the first bilateral carbon offsetting programs in accordance with Art. 6 of the Paris Agreement.


Ulrich and Daniel founded Ongresso Energy AG (OE AG), a Swiss limited liability company together with entrepreneur Thomas Stetter.

Ongresso Energy SAS (OE SAS) is co-founded in Colombia by Niels van der Wijk and Nelson Camacho. OE SAS is the local project development and management company of OE AG.

All forces are now consolidated to be an Independent Power Producer (IPP) and development service provider.

Meet the Core Team.

Oe Ulrich Hinterberger

Ulrich Hinterberger

Co-Founder and
Delegate of the Board

Zurich, Switzerland

Niels van der Wijk OE

Niels van der Wijk

Co-Founder and
Managing Director

Bogota, Colombia

Roberto Hoyer OE

Roberto Hoyer

Head of Due Diligence
and Investment Advisor

Zurich, Switzerland

Daniel Breitenmoser

Business Development Advisor

Appenzell, Switzerland

Rick van der Wijk

Marketing and

Bogota, Colombia

EO Fabian Lievano

Fabian Lievano

Head of Engineering

Bogota, Colombia

Ricardo Espana OE

Ricardo España

Engineer and Technical Sales

Bucaramanga, Colombia

Estefania Tapias 

Marketing Trainee

Bogota, Colombia

Peter Fisher OE

Peter Fischer

Senior Engineer

Zurich, Switzerland

Yasar Tektas OE

Yasar Tektas

Investment Relations

Vienna, Austria

Working at Ongresso Energy.

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Board of Directors.

Ulrich Hinterberger

Co-Founder, Delegate of the Board

Zurich, Switzerland

4 y business consulting for institutional asset managers.
15+ y management consulting (focus: infrastructure / energy sector).
5+ y investment advisory in the Energy sector.
Lic. oec. HSG, CAS Renewable Energy Management HSG.

Entrepreneurial activities:
– Ongresso Co-Founder and Board Member (2010), Switzerland, Colombia, Peru and Mexico: Market expansion services.
– Ongresso Energy AG Co-Founder and Delegate of the Board (2022): Decarbonization, IPP, project developer.

Daniel Breitenmoser

Co-Founder, Board Member

Appenzell, Switzerland

12+ y market expansion consulting Latin America.
5 y general management of international logistics/supply chain.
M.A. international Relations HSG.

Entrepreneurial activities:
– Ongresso Co-Founder and CEO (2010), Switzerland, Colombia, Peru and Mexico: Market expansion services.
– Ongresso Energy Co-Founder and Board Member (2022).

Thomas Stetter

Co-Founder, Board Member

Zurich, Switzerland

20+ y implementation of mitigation projects and environmental consulting.
Dipl. Mech. Eng. ETH, ND BWI ETH.

Entrepreneurial activities:
– First Climate Co-Founder and Board Member (1999): climate protection and GHG offsetting.
– GMF Argentina Co-Founder and Board Member (2009): Reforestation.
– Soventix Chile (2012) and Argentina (2016) Co-Founder and Board Member; Solar EPC and project developer.
– Solar Investments Srl and GmbH Co-Founder and CEO (2019): Solar project developer and IPP.
– Ongresso Energy AG Shareholder and Board Member (2022).

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