Renewable Energy Innovations

Solutions driven by innovation.

Ongresso Energy develops financial solutions and business models that are driven by innovation to maximise the social, economic and environmental impact. The focus lies on the development of innovative business models and financing solutions with the aim to decarbonize the energy value chain.

Renewable Energy Innovations
Renewable energy innovations

Renewable Energy Innovations

Innovations in financial solutions for renewable energy projects.

Ongresso Energy is a Swiss Colombian company, and is therefore able to close contracts in local currency, USD or EUR. Besides, we have presence in various countries in LATAM and are able to provide regional solutions. This is interesting for multinationals and exporters as these companies generally have multiple locations in the same region and income in foreign currencies.

With USD or EUR contracts we are able to eliminate exchange risks and costs. This leads to more competitive pricing, lower annual indexations and less internal processes for our clients as part of the USD or EUR income can be transferred directly to Ongresso Energy.

Furthermore, many companies have outdated floor plans, poor structures, asbestos roofing, among others. These are all limiting factors, especially as they cause a potential safety risk for the people that work on-site on a daily basis. Also, these limiting factors are normally not part of a renewable energy project, which means that the land or building owner needs to invest heavily in preparing the site accordingly.

We can integrate these additional investments into our projects and work with specialised allies that provide high-quality solutions. As a result, we make sure that renewable energy projects become feasible and sustainable in the long-term as safety is our top priority.

Renewable Energy Innovations

Innovations for efficient solar PV energy generation.

Available space is an issue for many companies as this asset is an important part of their business model. This can limit the potential renewable energy generation. Nevertheless, we develop solutions that allow for efficient use of space without compromising the business model of our clients.

Examples are carports over parking spaces, or floating structures over lakes or irrigation ponds. Regarding floating solar, it prevents the use of valuable land, avoids evaporation of water, generates up to 15 percent more energy due to the natural cooling effect.

Floating solar PV systems are not yet established in Colombia even though the country counts on a large number of artificial lakes and irrigation ponds. The critical factor is financial viability. Together with REPIC, the Swiss Platform for “Renewable Energy Promotion in Developing and Transition Countries”, we work with the aim to reduce costs by redesigning the value chain.

Renewable energy innovations

Renewable Energy Innovations

Innovations for additional renewable energy generation solutions

Solar PV is a great solution to generate energy during the day, but has natural limitations such as during the night or during seasons with limited access to sun. Therefore, we develop solutions to offer a more constant renewable energy supply.

For example, many companies create ‘waste’ such as organic material, heat or steam during production processes. We are able to transform this ‘waste’ into raw materials for the generation of renewable energy. As a result, we utilise the available resources in an efficient way and generate a constant stream of energy.

Also, many companies use high volumes of water during production processes or to irrigate their land, which requires large volumes of energy. We are able to create solutions, such as water ‘batteries’ that store and dispose water when necessary, while using solar energy without affecting the performance of our clients.

Renewable Energy Innovations

Other innovative solutions for renewable energy projects.

The renewable energy sector is developing innovative solutions rapidly. Therefore it is important to constantly monitor these developments, and analyse how these innovations can be applied in the market. Besides the technology, it is also key to develop financial solutions to ensure the innovation can be implemented in a sustainable manner.

Ongresso Energy is located in Europe and Latin America, and has therefore an ideal position to monitor developments and work together with the proprietors to implement the solutions taking into account the local context and economic viability in Latin America.

Renewable energy innovations

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